Give Up The Grind

It is estimated that 95% of the population experiences some form of Bruxism or “Grinding”  at some time in their lives.  Bruxism is often contributed to stress which is true, but there are other factors that cause us to grind our teeth that most people are not aware of and if you are like most people who were told you have to wear this bulky piece of plastic over your teeth at night  you probably opted not to….Brusism can be treated in ways you might not have been aware of…Headaches in the morning, sore or stiff neck muscles, painful chewing aka TMD , sensitive or cracked teeth that have worn and become unattractive  can all be linked to Bruxism and if treated can be stopped.   Dr. Laudati has extensive training to recognize the signs of this destructive habit and treat it before extensive Dentistry is needed to rebuild what has been damaged….