Smile Direct Club

More and more people are turning to Clear Aligners instead of traditional metal braces to straighten crooked or misaligned teeth.  There are several companies that offer this service.  Smile Direct Club is a tempting option because it eliminates having to visit a Dentist or Orthodontist while charging up to 60% less.  Our message to you is… BEWARE.  Without the supervision of a trained Professional carefully monitoring your progress you might find yourself very unhappy with the results.  Moving teeth takes careful planning and at times more preparation than the do it yourself aligners from Smile Direct Club.  Invisalign now offers options to help patients get the care they need for a fees that match your budget.  North Counrty Smiles always  offers free consultations and the ability to show how your case will go minutes after we scan your teeth with our State of the Art Digital Scanner.  No mouthfuls of GOOP!  call to schedule your consultation.  631-265-5549.