Patient Review by Mark H

My name is Mark Hubbard. I am a 54 year-old patient of Dr. Laudati. He has been our family dentist for 20 years. Recently I found it necessary to undergo extensive treatment for a series of fairly serious dental issues. I had to have a tooth replaced and the underlying bone structure was not sufficient to support the new implant. Dr. Laudati walked me through the entire process of rebuilding the bone structure (that specific work was done through Dr. Laudati’s referral by another specialist) and installing an anchoring post and eventually building a replacement tooth. The short version of this story is that after nearly a year of procedure and process around the lost tooth, which also included straitening both upper and lower bites (through the use of the Invisaline system) repairing a few frontal cavities, also replacing old (from childhood) amalgam silver fillings, with white porcelain replacements and finishing with a whitening process… my teeth and my smile make me look as If I am 25 again. This process has changed my life, in that I am always smiling now. I am more friendly, comfortable and open in groups. My mouth is healthy and I no longer feel self-conscious about my teeth. I smile more often because my teeth are straight and pleasantly white and you cannot see my fillings when I open my mouth. My teeth literally look like they did when I was much younger. There is a reason that we have been with Dr. Laudati for 20 years. My wife and children have been cared for by him and he has taught all of us the value of a healthy mouth and a healthy life. I cannot measure the positive impact that Dr. Laudati and his staff have had on our family. We will all be in his care for life. Thank you Mark Hubbard

- Mark H

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